Ep.12 – Hilarious Animals Fails – What Were They Thinking? (Wild Chats Podcast)


There are animals that just simply fail in life miserably… but why not have fun while doing it? Cats misjudging the jump, while bears swing like no one is falling is adorable. But, why not have your dog mistake you for a statue? But what would happen if all fun and games turn into a dog fight? The solution is much simpler and safer than you think…

Ep. 11 – The Moment Right Before Animals Attack – What Would You Do? (Wild Chats Podcast)

Why are animals so mean? There are times when animals just decide to be a pain. That even includes our mascot Pepita who did her cameo demanding some attention. But what would a bear do with a cat or a simple duck with a dozen crocs sunbathing? The question goes further when you are swimming upstream towards danger like salmon do upstream and encounter bears. Worse yet, there are times when there is nothing you can do when a squid decides to go surfing with you… or fly!!!

Ep.4 – Animal Races – Fast and Furry-us Style (Wild Chats Podcast)

Animal fails are hilarious!! and when humans are involved… anything is possible
Today we will cover some ground, from racing large feathery animals to going swimming with bulls, and even car racing with rats!!.. but the best races are not always on the ground, they are won against time. So, who will take the trophy?