Sprinting Tortoises, Rock Climbing Bears & Much More (Wild Chats) Podcast Ep.1
Animals that are much cooler than us, and their abilities are magical, almost like superpowers!. Watching animals do crazy things makes us realize how fragile we are… who would have thought that tortoises could move faster than a child? and that bears climb better than professional rock climbers? life is full of mysteries and animals keep us on our toes. They may even do jobs better than us!
Mentioned in The Podcast:
▶▶ Cute Deadly Animals – https://youtu.be/SQ4XkqbLJBQ
▶▶ Man vs Animals (Encounters & Survival) – https://youtu.be/gJyYaVcEdtU
Even Better We Talked about:
▶▶ Heroic Animals        – https://youtu.be/OGW_VtJIxKE
Deeper Bonus Material:
▶▶ Animals At Work – https://youtu.be/cHBB_NCa_7c
** Let’s discover together all the fun we can have while exploring wildlife.
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Animal Abilities
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