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Whales Teleporting, Elephant Street Vending and Other Pachyderm Violations – Wild Art Creators and Creations of the Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is like a sci-fi movie, art and nature collide in a kaleidoscope of imagination meeting reality; and when artists animate animals, we are left with an electrifying feeling of wonderment. Even more impressive is when ducks race cars and fly faster on the highway; bower birds decorate with only blue rocks, or elephants paint. But elephants give us more to talk about that their imposing presence and artistic skills. They have gotten tickets for parking “pachyderm Parking” violations in Florida… There are still laws in place from when elephants used to roam around town 

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  1. What are the weirdest animal laws in your country

  2. Who is the best animal artist? Or most artistic animal

Social Post Photos: Elephant and look ness, bower bird

What we TALKED about:

  • Maria’s artistic skills

  • Visually amazing videos of Whales flying that emerge from portal

  • Ryan’s traveling goals

  • Where do hamsters come from?

  • Hass avocados vs other types… what’s best?

  • Northern lights and sun particles

  • Ducks Flying At Same Speed As a Boat

  • Polar Bear Street Art Comes To Life

  • What we thought of the movies that made us show

  • Elephant Painting

  • Best – Elephant Facts

  • Elephant laws – pachyderm parking

  • Elephant Facts Marias’s First Video Edit

  • Dogs taking pictures!

  • Dogs with jobs and best match

  • Dog herding competitions

  • Spier webs as art and first aid

  • The Bowerbird Collage

Dog Running On Sheep’s Backs (Referenced)

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