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When Animals Attack & Supernaturally Fail Us!

Animals can be so mean sometimes… one second you are happy on a paddle board, the next, a dolphin is jumping off the water and bull rushing you… but what can you do when an animal attacks? Some encounters are accidental, like being dragged over the mod by your pet or a super failed CPR that looks more like drowning than helping. But whether you are tackled or drowned by mistake, sometimes animals do it out of spite, destroying things better than a motorcycle accident or car vandalism… as if animals had supernatural powers and are unleashing them on us.


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  • Why did the sheep attack the herder?

  • How did your pet take the second animal? Ryan was sharing about his dog Sasha and how she didn’t like having Bentley in the family

  • What caused the octopus to squirt water at the same volunteer at the aquarium?

Why would Truman the Octopus choose to squirt the same person, even after years of not seeing each other?


Beluga knees… Why they were described as Mermaids (Photo)


What we TALKED about:

  • Maria vs. a turkey

  • Why the turkey was a choice for the Animal representing the US instead of the Bald eagle

  • Paddle Boarder Gets SMASHED by Dolphin

  • Why boogie boarders are attacked by surfers

  • How to snap the fingers?

  • Dog Drags Human Into lake chasing birds

  • Dangerous reaction of untrained dogs

  • Pepita leverage strength on leash

  • Trying To help CPR saving fail Puppy Tries To Drown Owner

  • Your pet as a tripping hazard

  • Sasha and Bentley’s story

  • Sheep Takes Out Herder

  • Pack mentality

  • Truman the octopus shots streams of water at someone he didn’t like. Why? octopus’ behavior

  • Why manatees like nuclear plants

  • Beluga whales and manatees where the old mermaids

  • Sideline: movies and witches familiars

  • Cat Watching TV Makes Motorcyclist Crash

  • Dog Tackles Owner

  • Bees and rats- spy training and doctors

  • The story of a mouse from hero to victim

  • When there are ants in the house – Maria’s technique of deterring vermin

  • Ryan’s mosquito




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