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The Moment Right Before Animals Attack – What Would You Do? (Wild Chats Podcast) Ep. 11


Why are animals so mean? There are times when animals just decide to be a pain. That even includes our mascot Pepita who did her cameo demanding some attention. But what would a bear do with a cat or a simple duck with a dozen crocs sunbathing? The question goes further when you are swimming upstream towards danger like salmon do upstream and encounter bears. Worse yet, there are times when there is nothing you can do when a squid decides to go surfing with you… or fly!!!


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  • What is the most bizarre thing you have seen an animal do?

  • How could boat propellers be safe for animals and people?

  • Cold a bird protective glass be produced? Could we create windows with bird crashing protective coating?



What did we TALK about?

  • Bear VS. cat

  • Monkey jumps going bad

  • Pepita came to say hi. Chihuahuas and their reputation

  • Dog etiquette and behavior

  • Ducks VS. Crocks… who will win

  • Pepita demanding attention… sorry

  • Predator and prey behavior

  • Squid attacks paddle boarder

  • How Boat propellers could be fixed to protect wildlife

  • How to protect birds from crashing into buildings

  • What would be a scarier squid, a colossal or a giant squid? What’s the difference

  • Cryptid chats: the Kraken, the sasquatch, and the mermaid

  • What Christopher Columbus said about mermaids

  • Real unicorn tusks?

  • Attacks waiting to happen. Salmon and bears sharing the river

  • Big cats that love water and the small cats who hate it

  • Squids that propel water and fly




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