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Animals are just adorable!! Capturing their moments of pure joy should abound. A perfect moment is when a donkey got its ball. But just as animals play with balls, nature plays genetic scrabble with animals and some become bizarre and scary. When you think of a cassowary… Dinosaurs and horror films may come to mind, as it’s one of the most dangerous birds on the Oceania continent. But these large animals are not the scariest creatures in Australia and the surrounding islands… Don’t get distracted while swimming in the ocean… crocodiles can be there too.

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What’s the most talented thing you have seen an animal do?

– If you could create a brand-new animal (chimera)… What would it be and why?

What did we TALK about?

  • Talented animals – dog strolling over a ball

  • Crocodiles using tools to hunt for birds!

  • Why are bears bow legged

  • Elephants throwing people around

  • Multipurpose of donkeys

  • Can alligators and crocs reproduce?

  • The happiest donkey ever!

  • Why do animals love playing with balls?

  • Australia and its most dangerous animals – Cassowary, the cute side and the dark side of Emus

  • Holding a croc… softer than you think

  • How to Pet a snake

  • How to outrun an alligator?

  • What Maria did to an alligator!!! Never do this!

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