Ep.15 – Adorable Baby Animals & Odd Couples (Wild Chats Podcast)

https://youtu.be/nUq4KmfCXto https://www.patreon.com/wildchats  – Visit our FREE Patreon Section To Continue All The Fun Group Discussions & Questions We Started In This Video Babies in the animal kingdom are tougher and smarter than we humans. It’s surprising how they can control their emotions, like when a baby elephant sucks its trunk, much like a human baby […]

Ep. 13 – Animals On Ice: Fun and Survival (Wild Chats Podcast)


Animals and Ice, what could go wrong? It could be dangerous when a dog decides to play hockey on a thin sheet of lake ice, or a duck mistakes it for moving water and crashes onto the hard surface of the frozen water … but although wild animals have adapted well to harsh weather conditions. The title for the kings of winter adaptation goes to the Japanese macaques!

Ep.4 – Animal Races – Fast and Furry-us Style (Wild Chats Podcast)

Animal fails are hilarious!! and when humans are involved… anything is possible
Today we will cover some ground, from racing large feathery animals to going swimming with bulls, and even car racing with rats!!.. but the best races are not always on the ground, they are won against time. So, who will take the trophy?