We love nature, science, and animals, but we love talking even more. As great friends, we began collaborating on projects about conservation and animals. That’s why we started Undiscovered Worlds and Universos Abiertos. Both channels are on youtube and Spotify. Although both channels are phenomenal, something was missing. . As we continued to grow, we realized that the best part each of us had to offer was still unseen. Our chemistry!!! we truly enjoy chatting… So we present you Wild Chats!




Ryan is an avid traveler who loves to explore the world from the ground up, traveling by foot, car or bus thought many parts of Asia, North, and South America.  Ryan enjoys discovering cultures and people as he explores the towns and the wilderness. Ryan loves to savor the different fruits and foods of a region and he is not afraid to try new things to fully experience a culture.


Maria loves animals, she said she studied biology for the love of “Critters” and their interactions with their environment.  She has been working with different rescues and animal welfare organizations to ensure that pets and wild animals can live the best live they could possibly have.  Maria loves to meet new people and discover what makes a region special. She had a TV show in Colombia South America where she got to experience how the locals live.